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tv   Fox 45 Early Edition  FOX  December 21, 2010 5:30am-6:00am EST

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ú% good morning, iim patriic harrrs. meeeorologist steve fertig is here to tell us just how cold.ú maybe thaa was a bus full of people who anted to get up >> perhaps, if they did, they shadeeof ed? a streak that you don't usually see. p> i got an end of it. >> the end of thh mooo, it makes it appear like red colors. >> that is cool. >> it as very cool ii factt i don't know if youuwould sacrifice sleep for it. ú% a lot of people did. %-and it was very cool and thenh -hey went back to ee. >> very good. we ill talk to them later when theyyget back up. >> 29 degrees thh temperature in ball are month..3 it's chilly, 29 in sslisbury and 30 in d.c. it feees like it's 15 in baltimore, ii feels like ú%degrees in oaklanddand flurries to the north stay north. ú-valley seeinggsnow showers.
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and 33 degrees for the high -oday. we will see increasing clouds later in thh dayybut note theú %-it feel chillier and innspoosú the west especially. we iil take a llok to see whenú the nnxt chance of the resttof will be in just a few ffr noo, hereeis caadace dold %-candace, ggod morning.fic. >> reporter:: steve, good morniig, we're still ealing wiih the brokkn watermain break that it wwn't bundle. it's in the nnrthwwst avenue. youudon't have to worry about ú%%-area.nt delays through the on 95 scooting throughh3 baltimore, et'' take a ivv look at the fort mack henry tunnel, and you can see the volume na is starting to pick uu on the orthbound lanes and the northbound stretch aa wwll. 95 looks good from ballimore3 coouty from hitemarsh 4
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54 miles ppr hour wwthhan -1-minute ride rom 665, from 95 -oward 83. from 795 down toward 95, just aú 12-minute ride,,54 miles per hour there. travels. patrice, back over to you. p>> thank you, candace. 5532 foxxbbltimore early edition. poliie arrest a baltimore teacher or allegedly having sex with a 16 years ld student.ú police say that the eachee met parkk tris, goopatrice, good mof yyu school officials issuing a statement saying ttat this admiiistrative leave..3 on allegationses gainst him, serious. ú%e police officers caught mark hyzer having sex with a 15 years old boy just after midnight onú saturday iiside of a car on victory ane in bel air. %-online, rove from his apartmt
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in baltimore to the boy in bel air. they re now just learniig of the news.3 >> that he sleettwithha oo, he how could he take advantage of sooebody that gee >> reporter: highs !! hyzer ia teaaher. is facing a nummer of charges, incllding sex abuss of aaminoo. -hii morning he remaans in jail on $550,000 bond. we are live ffom city school headquarters,,megan gilliland, fox 45 early decision. a violent shooting leavvs ssx people dead..3 ú%re is a look at where the victims ere found. a couple was found dead in east momonument on what appears to ba suicide. annther victim in marjorie lane in nnrth baltimore. a woman was found in nortt 29th ssreet. theebody of thee6th victim,3
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karen ferrell was found in her basement wrapped in a plastic tarp. ferrell was reported missing laat weekk a source close to the victim thinks a boyfrrenddcould be -p>> sse would say, if something happens to me, cause that fool is crazy. that is what she would saa. >> police say ttey do have a persoo of innerest. arson is to bbame for a deadly fire in northeast baltimore that ccaimed one life. morning n homesteaddavenuu. identified. officials are calling this first arssn homicide in the city since 2006. >> it's really hard o belleve. why someone wwuld do something like that.3 thissis terrible. ú%want my neighborhood to be protected you know. >> no word yet on whatú -ccelerant was used.3 murder numbers are ddwn in %-last year.mpared toothis time
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216 people weee killed so far this year cooparrd to 2028 last yyaa. that is down about 5%. two ccvil rights groups are banding together againsttthe thee annnunced that they would start conducting bag searches, created an nline petition to fight the plan. thhyy re saying that the searches would be a violation of 4th amendment which prohibits no earches. no searches have been conducted just yet.ú thouuands of flights are ú%%-stranded in europe anddthe . the snow is slowing down tte %-trying to get everybody to thr
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destination, but the deeays are mounting. i'm going o gg to paris and meet should ffiends and have a good time. i haae been stuck here for three days. >> i'm aa tudent.3 i can't afford to go to a hotel. >> repprter: in eurrpe thousands of passengers camped %-travell etback with frrstrati, fear and anger. >> we haveeto be positivv, yes. it's getting hard to -- 'cause3 it's so ccld ann we don't get any iiformation about anything. >> reporter: in london cy planes are stationaryyú thhy re deeicing aircraft ahead of ake off to havv the planes freeze up once aaainn paasengers stuck at heathrow ffce cancellations. >> i'm standing in the lot same% three days, we can'' get ur luggagg. they say too many bags.
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>> the aiiline's advice toowait3 and be patieet. -ituation we have never hadú-ef. capacity for some days to come. people are camped outtaa newark aarport. they say thaa it is in the thousands. a ood shopping season for %-florist, xtendeddhours nd a3 ssvings is what it'' ending joel d smitt s livv with the store that ii open for 88 straight houus. >> reporrer:: they are starting at today and they wwn't stop switching here. ú%ey wiil switch shifts at least. it goes until friday niggt att3 some of the things are specific. 40% tuesday, ednesday only. that is kind of thing we're3 seeinn all through here. ú--ear for a lot of retailerss3
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including toyy "r" us. it reminded people, ssending polls that is american are spending morr on clothing, luxury goodd and furniture this -ear. it rose almost 10% comparee to a year go. jewelry sales up o aad furniture 3.5%. it waannt just the malls that reported the highhr traffic. on satuuday, spending rose 18% %-higher than the ssmeetime a yr ú%o. >> consumers areeout therr andd3 %-i think they're looking for value. what we sse hen the proddct is righh and the faahion is3 appropriateeand prrced riiht they are willing to pay fuul %-are offering crrzy deals.ffple madness t toys "r" us between night speeial deals thht eople wwll ffnd as they go line and -hhy will come in those hourse
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-etween midnight and 6::0. -eeing theesales, the retailers %-electronics.g consumer and things like that. everybody else is rrporting great saaes and theyyre tryyngú ú%urs.imize that witt more >> i uu ouggh a couple of t.v. this has christmas what are some the good deals there at toys "r" uu orr the!!. >> eporter: they have a $50 gift card that you get back if you buy a wii system. the thing tthig a mig is doww . thinns willlbe aroond hhre and we will be hiihlighting those -hhngs throughout the rest of >> very cool. a the lt offlast minute is oot there, hanks joel.what o to
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there you can watch theeholiday stories anddour soldiee greetings. we want you to ssnd us yoor coming up on the early editioo,,it's a tool meanttto keep drunk drivers off the road. individuals are instruuted that this may involve a liffstyle change. finddoot if it's actually working. and aaother chilly start -ith temperatures in the upper 20s around the areaathii morning. and will it warm up more thaa it di
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42 on fox 45 earlyú editioo. %--hot of the moon as itts going into its lunar eclipse there. -ouuccn see it slowly happeningú and then at ooe ppint thh moon
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became a very bright red collr.ú a lot of people may not have seen it as clearly s they could have, beccuse it was very cloody throughout our region and a lot -- across the country in some parts. people didn't see it as clearras they miiht have, but they ggt a good view and there you ot3 anooher look at it. meteorologgst steve fertig got a -p>> it was really clear to see, exaaine it was a different kind -f sight..3 let's take a looo at that nnw.3 we sit between, we being the earth siis righttbbtween the sun and where the moon ssand as the mmon moves into the shadow ff3 thh earth, here is hat happens, it actually bends the llghtt atmosphere rrtraatssthose lights and it ends up shining oo the
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moon a rrd light. it wass2:41 to 3:00 a.m. innd. %-moon.3ool sse the to see the -t's a cool start to the ddy and nnt showing a whole lot of snow in fact not seeing anything over us. there coull e snow showers to3 thh westtif you're traveling -hat waa up into pennsylvania ú%d snow showers are goong to sphere mostly o the south with a clipperrmoving bb. we have chance for some sow, but not so much oday as mucc as we might see for christmas eve into new year's and let's gee to it. hhre is what we have as far as the starting temperatures first. 39 degrees in baltimore, 30 in d.c. 39 in salisbbry, 37 ii %-the winds will be out of the northwest at 10015 miltz per15 r thur houhour but enough to makel liie the teens.
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the clipper is going to steer to the outh.%around it that is noo feel a whole lot witt it. tte system will be wwakening. coupll of flurries around. a we will keep our yessoo another system that will be cooing ouuú way. thht low pressure cenner which ú% it comes out to sea or close he the cove. it looks like we are gging to get something out of it, it it's -et gusting or a fewwinchessof snow. parrly cloudy ssies with the winds playing a roleeand makkng it foal chhllier, the central %-skies, and the westernnpart of maryland, getting to 34 deerees with aachance of showers, snow showers that is. tonight 26 degrees with mostly %-hoor.úkiess a cood night, and winter arrives tonight at 6300clack.
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6:33. 37 degrees on friday as the clouds begin to increase for things. course, and snow shhwers mmving in and a white chriitmas is3 poosible for your christmas day with a high of 34. we stay in the low 30s with showers lingering on sunday pprhaps, before thee taper off and leavv us sunny skies for friday. witwwaaher.3 here is canddce dold with the traffic edge. candace. >> reeorter: thank you, steve. roadways, in fact on the entire wwst side stretch of the beltway, thingsslook ggod much 55 milee per hour,,59 right neaa seeurity boullvard. we do want o talk about aú broken watermainnon york road near timonium road. as for the alternate, use 83. in facc, let's take a live look ú% 83 moving throughhthe good in both direccions.s look >> patrice, back over to you. thank you, caadace.3ú still ahead, the university of maryland decides to part ways
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with footbbll coach mike frissn3 how much he will get paid not to coach. >> it's meant to stop people from drinking and driving, he things other than a drink that 3
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ordered some drunk drivers to equip their vehiclls with ignition devices. they're supppsed to prevent violators from starting their cars if there's alcohol on their breath. jeff able blocks the truth bbhind the ignition interlocks. >>for thousands of maryland3 motorr theekey to starting the >> okay, i'm blowing it. >> it a of cllan air. >> tyrone who asked not o be seen is a convicted drunk driver. instead of losing hii licenne for a year he opted for the state's alternative an ignition %-it goee ff anytime.goes off, %-car but it demands a retestthe every 15 minutess >> i got to blow it and keep my eyes on thh road and keep blowing 7 secondd and set it
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back to still be drivinn. >> 5 seconns passed and you put -> reporter: manufacturers demonstrated the device at tte state house earlier this year. mothers against drunk drivers %-first time offender. every >> i hhve to blow for 5 seconds. reporter: but what3 manufacturees did noo talk about is how deviie detects alcohol >> let's sayyi got some cologne, sensitive, ii you touch wh!! yor mouth with it, you're breathiigú it will detect it. >> reporter: there's just enougg alcohol in mouth wash, cough medicine an to trigger the device. even a bite of pizza will trig3
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cause it oo reect. administrattrs are warned about the sensitive of the see advicen they start the program. >> it may involve a reading thaú ú% not from alcohol consumption. >> we havveseen readings thatú don't make sense. %-dozens of complaints about th3 devicdevice. >> if it's that sennitive, it would seem hat it'' able to put at a lesser sensstivity. >> reporter: tryyto prove to the state that it was caused by anything other than an lcohollc fight. shapiro sayssmany usees don't have the time or money to fight them. >> even f you're right, it will be less expensive for you to
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sign up for a few more onths oú litigate this.ock than to >> okay, 7 seconds. -> reporter: many offenders like tyrone aren't asking for sympathy but a better syytem they say would be breath of fresh air. %-this o more. to go through ->>reporter: jeff able, fox 45 orning news. ypically a violation earns offenders an additional month in the program. to particippte.ate $75 a monthú coming up later on fox 45 morning ews, you wanntd to bake your food not break unexpectedly. it exploded, i mean all over >> the conditions hat can cause bbt next the ravens go bbck to the run game to get a win over the saints. coach harbaugh talks the
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verizon 4glte. stream hd video and rule the air on the fastest 4g network in america.
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good morning, everybody. i'm kristen ersettwith your3 first look at sports..3 officialll a nouned yesterday %-rieson will not be returning. the university decided it would be besttfor the long-term to ú%elace fridge. sincc he refused to retire, the school mmst buy out the the new athletic director kevin anderson announced their %-strategic business decision to buu out the finaa yyar of coach's cootract effectivian second, 2011. the buyout will cover all he
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approximately $2 million in guarantee ccmpensations and benefits owed to frieson through june econd 2012. the coach will remain under contract thrrugh the millitary and he will coach his team in that game. >> tte morale at one winning drive is high and ppople can't stop talking abouttsunday's ravenn game. super bowl champs and are now tied for firss in the division. the new orleans saints were riding a 6-game winning streak thh victorr. tte offense went to the old school run game. ray rice had one of the best games of his career, ruuhing for 153 yards and a touch doon. will mcgahee added 53 mmre. coach march bough is more than s more thhn pleased with the way his team performed. >> 'mmokay in the game with throwing it and being physical
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i'mmokay with running people off the bbll. i think that opens up everything, but i also think making big lays openssup everything, tto. that is kind of being balanced. if you can create dimension, the width and tte depth of tte ffeld and attackkpeople that way, that toome, is how you can be effective and makkeeverything better, but running the ball it probably startsswith that. >> reporter: itts time once aggin forrthe higg sccool game contest offthe week brought to yyu by varsity can you vote for the game you want to see it by going to and clicking on the high school ball of the week. ú%e to thh holiday, this week's gaae is for thursddy, harford, and boys hoops, mcdonnugh at mounn carmel also at boy'sshigh school. we will announce the winner on wednesday night. that's the morninggsports. i'm kristen erset for ffxx45
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morning news. no matter wherr you're from, we're looking for all of you -avenn fans toosend ussphotos ssowiig offfyour purple pride. go to eb and ck on the ommunntyyfeaaures sectton. comiig up innthe 6:00 hourr coming in uuder budget. the ccty fire chief talks hhs plans for the department's extra money. >and a baltimore teacher acccsed of aving sex with a 15 years old boy. iim mmgan gillillnd, how poliie say thee caught that teacher in -he act. i'm joel d smith live at they're going to be open
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